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EQDevelopers builds mobile apps for all popular platform (we’ve developed even for Blackberry). Working with us, you will get the efficient software product attractive to customers, handy, and standing out among the competitors.

Technology stack

We stay up-to-date with new technologies, help solve complicated problems and build new innovative products.
Objective-C / Swift
Java, Android Studio
Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter
MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Python, MatLab, Apache, AWS, Hadoop

Features of Android app development

Google android apps is the most popular in the world. Vast majority of companies manufacture Android devices, while they are very different between each other. As of 2017, the most popular are 3 - 5 inch screen smartphones with a resolution from 190 dp. However, other options should be taken into account as well. An Android app requires multiple, thorough testing to confirm proper operation on most devices.

Google has no strict requirements to software product security, thus this is the issue of developers. We use the modern user information security principles when developing the project to support our reputation.

Huge competition is the key feature of Android app market. The number of Google Play products amounts to millions, thus it is becomes even harder to win popularity. We will develop an app overtopping the competitors’ software in terms of focus on customers, information collection rate, and the level of user retention and interaction.



  • Web design and design for IT-solutions
  • UX/UI prototyping
  • Special designs for mobile interphase
  • User-centric and UI
  • Create intuitive UX/UI solutions
  • Increase conversion with proper design elements


Mobile applications
(iOS / Android)
  • Order delivery and tracking
  • Sharing economy apps
  • Photo and video editing
  • Entertainment apps
High complexity solutions
  • HR training and engagement systems
  • High load fintech platforms and cryptocurrency solutions.
  • Customized aggregators for video-audio content
  • Ads engagement platforms
Developing e-commerce solutions (b2b & b2c)
  • Customization existing solutions and custom made CMS
  • Customized solutions development
  • Dynamic targeting and ads placements
Digital marketing
(Google / Facebook)
  • Developing optimal ROI strategy for your business needs
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Facebook ads bot development.

Aspects of iOS app development

iPhones and iPads are used by demanding audience that got used to high-quality products. It is hard to impress, so you have to pay special attention to UI and usability for ios apps. A unique design is a great way to success.

Apple controls AppStore products, so all the platform features must be taken into account. The app meeting all requirements will be quickly verified by experts and appear on user devices.

Everyone knows that iPhone and iPad are regularly updated. Some of them dramatically change the operating principle. Only the real experts may ensure high performance on new firmware. EQDevelopers will take care of continuous efficiency of your product.



Our advantages

FREE mockup wireframes
within 5 days

Provide opportunity to try future app during brainstorming phase and make changes before actual programming starts

Native only UX/UI
iOS & Android

Native design and intuitive interface gives more chances to increase engagement and build trust with customers and app users.

Optimal ROI
We are ready to fix prices

We use machine learning and data science to optimize ads campaigns. We’ve developed proprietary ads bidding optimization system, that help increase marketing ROI

Flexible approach

Modern technologies change rapidly and with chance with this ever changing world.


We use Agile methodology and Scrum framework. Thus we trace the ever changing software requirements within the budget limits. Any changes and new ideas may be promptly introduced at the development stage. You fully control the software-making process. The finished product will be launched within the shortest terms.

Order a mobile app development – get an efficient tool to improve business performance!


EQ Developers - We build solutions!


We’ve developed complicated solutions for big clients, high load project for web and mobile, for startups and medium size business from wide range of industries.

We place clients needs and achievements of business goals on top of all priorities. We’ve developed procedures and adopted Agile practices to make sure budgets and project delivery plans comply with initial estimates.

We are young and dynamic agency and value people over process to deliver on promises. That is why we hire only best developers in our team.

We also build our own products and know all nitty gritty details of developing and building venture in the internet and marketing it online and offline.

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