Interface is the first thing the app user pays attention. Native design iphone apps or android app software and user-friendliness are key factors to brand awareness and user loyalty. We know how to develop efficient and attractive mobile or web software products, which can shortly improve you business performance.

User-friendly and clearly designed interfaces build positive user attitude and trust to any mobile app or web service. 75 per cent of all mobile app users need 4-6 seconds to form opinion about whether they are going to use newly installed app or not. Todays users do not provide room for error and user acquisition cost increases quarter after quarter as new apps appear on the market in App Stores.

We’ve adopted to follow straightforward process when designing UX/UI solutions and learned from experience that even small interface changes can significantly impact success of mobile apps and web services.

4 Basic steps


Target audience research and analysis

Focus on users and main purpose of the application. This stage formulates required basic strategies for UX/UI, content and information flow architecture for mobile app or IT solution.

Quite some time business priorities do not align or foresee actual user requirements and expectations. What we, as developers or business owners, believe are the real user needs can be something, that user needs as nice-to-have feature and visa versa. During analysis stage we work to identify user profile gaps and real expectations and build design strategy based on it. This type of approach provides strategic understanding of the user reactions towards newly installed app and how he is going to use it. Based on user profile understanding and resources available we select tools and solutions that really work.

Mockups and Wireframes (UX/UI prototyping)

At this stage we build convergence between the visual structure of UX and intuitive parts of UI in which correlation with existing mental models and user expectations is built into one simple model. This ensures that the information will be presented correctly, in the right place and at the right time.

Mockups and Wireframes provide the best way to visualize data structures and communicate user interface features.

UX/UI prototyping also helps to efficiently articulate the strategy to all team members and, more importantly, allows early testing of workflows, navigation and the overall data structure.


We compose a list of key performance indicators (KPI), based on the analysis and outcomes received during the first two stages of creating the UX / UI design. Equipped with KPIs we carry out beta-testing on a small group of users and prepare a detailed analysis.

Beta testing results help us make early improvements and remove unnecessary elements before actual programming. We love surprises and are always open to any conclusions that can help us make a mobile application or web service better and more user-friendly.

We employ various methods to collect beta users feedback. They cover everything from anonymous testing to direct one-on-one interviews. We always select a mix of tools that are most appropriate to the target audience and the project strategy.

Creating unique UX/UI design

Visual appeal and user-friendly UI for any product (web or mobile app) has a huge impact on users. Information architecture is very important, but it does not contribute to increasing engagement and building a "wow effect"

Focusing on users at a deeper and more emotional level, UX elements allow to combine the context and natural user's behavior, creating a sense of ease of use and a pleasant experience.

We develop a user-oriented design, creating a predictable and desirable effect for the target audience. We are try to make sure your product (mobile app or web service) remains part of a single brand and reflects its values to the maximum.
We develop a user-focused design, we develop apps for kids. The app will properly impress the target audience, help user ordering our goods and services, improve brand awareness.

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