EQ Developers is a team of experienced developers that have long time experience building web and mobile applications. We know how to develop best of its class applications for different platforms. We can tailor technology stack depending on the type of application you require.

How mobile applications are developed

Mobile applications have become one of the most powerful marketing channels for any business. A number of application users constantly growing and most of your clients prefer using smartphones and tablets rather than desktop PCs or Laptops. Businesses have to respond to growing customers demand and provide them with efficient, user-friendly and easy to use solution – mobile application.
We help companies and startups code and develop native mobile applications for iOS and Android, complex web services, portals and platforms to optimize contextual advertising. Our team of developers works close with our clients to create and implement intelligent applications, chatbots, PaaS and SaaS systems, and also develops an analytics system to improve and personalize customer service.

We help develop technological solutions in accordance with your specific needs, and we know that:

Every business operation has its own characteristics, even companies from the same industry.

Every established company or startup has its own individual solutions, or unique products and services, history, business rules and workflows.


When you contact EQ Devs, you get more than just the development of a mobile application or an IT solution. We are your team that first listens, and then designs and develops the system that best meets the needs of your specific business.

Our main goal - help venture turn in profitable business!

What tech stack we use to build apps

Web applications

The easiest option. The main part of the application works outside of the actual device on the remote backend server. HTML5, PHP, and JavaScript are used for programming, alongside with frameworks that got popular for web development like ReactJS, AngularJS, and some others.

Web applications are universal solutions, they work with all browsers and developers do not need to code for different platforms.

Hybrid applications

Hybrid mobile apps developed with a similar approach to web applications with a combination of scripting languages, WebView native plugins, container approach, and set of APIs. Apache Cordova is the most widely used framework. It started originally as PhoneGap and gave developers opportunity to capitalize on their web development skills. Ionic framework is one more active player in this domain.

Native applications

Applications that can be installed on smartphones, tablets and similar device running pre-installed operation systems. Those applications distinguished by the speed of work, low battery drain and efficient use of special device capabilities (camera, sensors, GPS and many other). Every platform requires its native code programming.

We use Objective-C and Swift for iOS applications programming. Swift, now open source language and shortly releasing version 4, was created by Apple to breach gaps of Objective-C and is considered the most appropriate option for iOS platform (iOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS).Other than that its one of the most trending programming language, that constantly updates with new features, highly secured, and easy to optimize for high load code runs.

Developing for Android requires knowledge of Java (and its SDK) or Kotlin programming language. It is also possible to program applications using Corona SDK, Unity and some other. But Java still remains the first choice while considering Android. It has wide support and is the first choice among many developers that start their career for several reasons: it's easy to learn, its OOP, it has powerful development tools ( e.g. Eclipse, Netbeans), its platform independent and it's virtually everywhere – on the desktop, on mobile and even in the fridge.

Windows phone programming requires knowledge of C#. It is a powerful and popular programming language that allows developing cross-platform applications and solutions. Unfortunately Windows phone OS market share constantly decreasing, and not so many developers keep building apps for this platform.

Games development is a completely separate domain that requires much more than simple knowledge of programming languages for Unity, Cocos, or Unreal Engine. It needs a complete separate article to describe game development approach. However, from time to time, you can hear the news that indie developer built a great game that reached the top of the charts, but it does not happen very often as competing for players with A game publishers is a challenging task.

We have learned from our experience that well-designed and developed mobile and web applications help companies survive. While excellent applications give a chance get ahead of competitors and move to the new level.

Rather than simply systemizing all your existing work processes, we set the goal of analyzing and improving them, and thereby optimizing and giving a new growth point.

For us process automation is not an end in itself. Our approach helps discover new "opportunity", and provide the ability to analyze processes, identify inefficiencies and optimize the flow of information where possible.



We are experts in the field of designing and developing IT systems and mobile application, but we do not know all the features and specifics of your business.

For this reason, a significant part of our methodology for developing mobile applications and IT solutions is to learn from you how we can best apply our experience in the development of IT products in order to effectively solve your problems and achieve best results.



At EQ Developers we have extensive experience in coding and developing specialized software for various industries. Since 2010, we have automated activities of enterprises in many sectors, including retail trade, transportation, healthcare, social services and even museums.

We develop web and mobile applications, and data solutions that provide best-in-class performance at affordable prices and at the same time easily scale and adapt to new business requirements.

Cost of development


Mobile and web applications developed by EQ Developers team prove that you can get the highest quality systems without having to pay the highest price for it.

Being a special "boutique" for developing mobile applications and web solutions in the competitive IT landscape, we are modern enough to have all the knowledge necessary to create first-class systems, while not large enough to create additional layers of processes and communications.

How we work


We always follow straight logic, and developed 5 simple and understandable stages:

Scope analysis

The most important stage for starting work. We compile and review list of requirements and answer all your questions and help you make the right decision.

Simplicity is the art of not doing unnecessary work and launching projects on time.

Free wireframes/prototype.

Application wireframes give the opportunity to "feel and touch" the idea at the earliest stage and get into the user's shoes at the very beginning. The prototype helps quickly to launch the project and make project adjustments and modifications before actual coding starts.

Detailed plan and schedule

Project plan and a description of all deliverables at each stage. We are always ready to accept changes, rather than strictly follow the plan.

Development and testing

We develop based on AGILE principles and are confident that constant communications allow us to make better applications and services. The working product is the main indicator of the result.

Delivery of the project and support

We design the architecture so that changes in the finished (working) project can be made at any stage.

Our developers have extensive experience creating mobile and web applications.

Our developers have extensive experience creating mobile and web applications.

Technology / Tech Stack


Our skills, experience, and technological stack can be applied to almost any project and any vertical.

Programming languages:
Swift, Objective-C, Android Java PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript
Spring Framework, GWT, Play Framework, AngularJS, Angular 2, Node.js, Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii, Zend
MySQL, PostgreSQL, H2 Database, SQLite, Firebase
NoSQL databases:
Mobile O/S:
iOS, Android
macOS, Linux (RHEL / CentOS, Debian / Ubuntu)
AWS, OpenStack, OpenShift, Bluemix, Heroku
IDEA, WebStorm, Eclipse, Android Studio, Xcode
Requirements management:
Jira, Confluence, MS Project, Google Docs, Trello, Slack
Build management:
Gradle, Grunt, Maven, Ant
Version control systems:
Git, SVN
Continuous integration:

Benefits of ordering app development from EQ Developers

  • We always start with audience analysis and build products that meet and exceed target audience expectations and supersede competitions. Established focus groups and access to analytics platforms help us develop applications that users really need.
  • Developed internal processes and agile approach helps us manage tough schedules and minimize unexpected bugs that can prevent from delivering app into a production environment.
  • We test applications during complete process of development. Automated test and manual testing supported by well-developed test cases, and test scenarios help us make sure application is free from major critical bugs and can be released to users.
  • Support and maintenance. We offer long-term support and application updates after submitting it to app stores.

Order application development and get a powerful instrument for your business!

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