Why does your business need a mobile app?

Business owners are constantly looking to get new clients and retain old ones, get into new markets, and grow brand loyalty as high as possible.

Mobile apps are the key to solve these problems and even more.

Market growth: sales of tablets and mobile phones are growing exponentially bigger than sales of PCs and laptops. This way the most amount of customers that you can get are going to be mobile customers.

What business value can Mobile apps bring to You?

One can separate mobile apps into two categories:

  1. Are used by the customers.
  2. Are used by the internal company team.

Connection between Mobile apps and your revenue

In the first category, there are several types of functions of a good customer-facing app (the list is only limited to your imagination and your industry - these are only most common ones):

  • Loyalty program. Much easier than old fashion discount cards.
  • Store-front or catalog. Similar to web store but right in customer’s phone and can be browsed offline.
  • Booking tickets, rooms, trips, reservations.
  • Banking/Money transferring
  • Tracking of shipped goods.

Second category can be just as useful to the business:

  • Automate human processes like checking into hotel/ conference, buying tickets, filling out forms, getting signatures.
  • Increasing productivity of staff like access to documents, task tracking, messaging.

Please notice that an average person has about 30+ apps on their phone and they are more likely to have a space for your app when it solves several of his problems/ tasks. For example, a good choice would be to implement weight-tracking widget to your app if the main feature of it is getting healthy food delivered. Give your customers more value and You will get more in return!

Advantage of our firm for You

We are located in New York and can be closer than you think in understanding what exact needs your business can encounter being in New York. This will also save time for communicating - when you have an idea you can share it with us immediately.

EQDevelopers will take on all parts of development: from a sketch of your idea on the napkin during business lunch to a multi-platform, global, highly scalable and highly responsive app.Get in touch with us right now - and we will make Your business grow and Your dreams a digital reality.