New features in iPhone X

Each new iPhone usually means a set of new innovations that developers can work with and product owners can benefit from - especially when it comes to new ideas in apps. This time some of the features can really change the game. iPhone X has an all-screen Super Retina display for really showing off your stunning app design.The TrueDepth camera works with ARKit which can help you add many new possibilities to apps that use camera. The A11 Bionic chip is designed for Core ML and Metal 2 which can help you out when dealing with Machine Learning.


Let's take a look at those three major improvements closely:


Super Retina: with iPhone X, the device is almost entirely the display. An all-new 5.8” Super Retina display uses new tech to precisely follow the curves of the device, so your apps look can take up the most amount of space. It supports HDR with a 1 Million:1 contrast ratio, and the best color accuracy, enabling amazing viewing experience for anyone who uses your app. But please be aware that to use full potential of the screen you need to follow Apple guidelines on updating your apps for iPhone X, and using just rewritten UIView Class so that all your UI elements look good. At the same time make sure you follow the same guidelines to position content of your app in good relativity to the safe area. This way your app will be one with the Apple ecosystem and your users will be happy.


ARKit: It stands for Augmented Reality Kit. With it you can let your users use smart face tracking which includes position of the face, facial expressions, topology. All of this thanks to the ARKit will be with high accuracy and in real time! You can then apply any effects to the face or have facial expressions drive any possible actions.


Metal 2: This is truly amazing technology that is possible because the new iPhone X has A11 Bionic chip. Not only you can develop much more hardware heavy games not worrying that user will not be able to play them or battery will run out on them but also you can run Machine Learning apps with ease.


This brings us to the crown jewel of the newest iPhone X features - Core ML! This is a Machine Learning framework that can be used across several apps including Siri, Camera, Quicktype and of course what you will develop. You can integrate machine learning models with simple code and they will run very fast thanks to this new framework. Deep learning algorithms will support 30 layer types and can support standard models like trees ensembles and generalized linear models. It even has Natural Language Processing APIs so that you can predict your user better!


With such progressive new set of features in iPhone X you can create something amazing for sure!