What’s new in Android 8.1 Oreo


Google recently released the new version of the operating system Android 8.1 Oreo. Yes, it's in the honor of the Oreo cookie, being true to the tradition of naming versions after different items you might find in the candy store. As with the cookie - the newest features are quite sweet!


Autocomplete login-password


The feature of remembering and auto completing your credentials in any application (and not just in the browser) finally got to Android. Before if you needed to enter any account in a third party app you would need to either make that app remember you (which is not that secure) or enter it every time and remember all your passwords and logins. Now the data from these apps is stored in operating system and will be loaded into any application when you need to enter your credentials. Easy and secure!



Current generation of users tries to do as many things as possible at the same time. Now on a smartphone with Android Oreo you can multitask: let's say watching a video from YouTube in a small window, while swiping through the Instagram news feed and liking posts. And it works not only with YouTube. You will also be able to use video chat, while using other applications. The window can be moved around the screen as well. Good thing is that it's available not only on tablets but on the phones as well.


New notifications


Icons of applications will become much more informative now. They were always static and served only one purpose - to launch the application, but in Android Oreo a long touch on an icon will open a small screen with notifications from the app whose icon it was. Optionally, application developers can add the ability to respond directly from this notifications screen with different actions. Also, the icons can be animated now which adds to overall beauty.


New emoji


Some studies say that smileys, especially in business correspondence, cause your counterparty to perceive you as a frivolous person. But in everyday life they have become a big part of modern culture and everyday communication. Google has completely updated all the emoji in its collection. In addition, 60 new ones were added.


Faster, longer


As with every new update Android will work faster, and the battery is much more economical. Google says that the speed of downloading the smartphone and launching applications has doubled. It is also promised that the central core will be much more strict in monitoring the resources used by applications in the background, which should lead to moderate energy consumption.